Initial Instructions for Weddings

Initial Instructions for Weddings
66 Sengkang East Way, Singapore 548593
Please note:
1. The couple (or least one applicant) should see the priest (the one who will officiate / solemnize
your wedding), at least 6 months prior to your wedding. Check with him if he is available to do so.
After you have checked with him on his availability, please see the Parish Secretary to check on
the date and time.
3. If you are inviting a priest not from St Anne’s to solemnize your marriage, please notify the
Parish Priest of St Anne’s personally.
4. The times of the wedding in St Anne’s Church have been fixed at 9am and 11.30am on
5. No celebration of marriages during Lent/Advent.
6. Upon confirmation, the priest will set a date for your pre-nuptial inquiry.
The following documents are needed for the pre-nuptial inquiry.
– A newly-issued baptism certificate obtainable from your Church of Baptism dated not earlier
than 6 months before your wedding date.
– A copy of your birth certificate
– A copy of your ROM certificate if you have been civilly married
– The names of 2 witnesses and their I/C numbers.
– A copy of your MPC or CEE attendance certificate
In addition (if it applies)
– A copy of any previous marriage
– A copy of any previous divorce
– A copy of the death certificate of previous spouse
7. Once your marriage date has been confirmed by the priest, please see the Parish Secretary for
all other material requirements like flowers, choir, reception etc who will advise you on the
necessary payments and arrangements.
8. Marriage Preparation Course (MPC) forms are available at

Applications should be made at least six months in advance on a first come first served basis.
9. You can find out more about Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE) for a weekend at Please apply six months in advance.

10. For Natural Family Planning (NFP) visit