27 May 2020

With much anticipation and participation, Via Christi has finally published the Virtual Choir video. Hope that all of you can enjoy what we have put up and may the Holy Spirit guide us through our lives.

Today, we are in a season of waiting. Time seems to stand still, and we have no idea when this will end. We feel stuck, restless, and fearful. We wonder if things will ever go back to normal. The apostles, too, were waiting. However, they were waiting in eager anticipation for what Jesus had promised them, to receive the Holy Spirit. They knew that God was with them, that His promises were true, because they had seen, and believed.

In this season, God calls us to believe as well. We can trust that our God is almighty, and all good; He remains faithful through the ages, and He will not abandon us in our trials. The same Spirit that descended upon the apostles 2000 years ago is present today. The same Church that was born then stands strong till this day. In this knowledge, we stand secure, and find our hope.

We pray that through this song, the Spirit may give you hope. May He help us bring the face of the Risen Christ to all those around us, especially those who do not know God. Let us keep them in prayer, and be mindful of them in our daily interactions and conversations.

Veni, Sancte Spiritus! Come Holy Spirit, breathe new life into the world!

Happy Pentecost in advance!