St. Anne’s Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is made up of 6 members of the parishioners who were elected by the Parish Priest to represent the parishioners and to advise the parish priest about the pastoral issues of the parish. The PPC is usually appointed for 2 years (1 term)

Unlike the PPC Executive Committee (PPC ExCo) who are made up of the various ministry heads to carry out the Ministerial works, the PPC serves to investigate, reflect and reach conclusions regarding pastoral matters before presenting or recommending them to the parish priest. The PPC shares  the vision of the Church “ONE BODY, ONE SPIRIT, UNITED IN CHRIST” and seeks to continuously engage the parishioners of St. Anne’s with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Our Parish Pastoral Council Members

Rev Fr Jovita Ho  (President)
Jay Cyril  (Chairperson)
Mimi Tan  (Vice Chairperson)
Mel Tapoan  (PPC Member)

Parish Executive Committee Members

Daniel Chan  (ExCo Chairman / Head of Ministry of Consolation)
Daniel Lee  (ExCo Vice-Chairman / Head of Wardens)
Christine Chan  (Ex-Co Secretary / Catechetical Ministry)
Anthony Chan  (Appointed Member/Advisor for Finance)
Anthony Lim  (Appointed Member / Liturgy Committee)
Martin Goh  (Altar Servers (President)
Esther Lim  (Art Ministry)
JoLynn Chin  (Chinese Ministry)
Justin Toh  (Choir)
Geraldine Lim  (Communications Ministry)
Tony Er  (Communion Ministry)
Stanley Sim  (Burning Bush)
Joanne Joseph  (Divine Mercy)
Christopher Lim  (Faith Community)
Victor Ong  (Family Life)
Monica Ko  (Grandma’s Kitchen)
Arnold  (Infant Baptism)
Gladys Toh  (Legion of Mary)
Kevin Quek  (Lectors)
Joe Klassen (Ministry to the Sick)
Andy Yap  (Library)
Belmont Chia  (NCC-Neighborhood Christian Community)
Rose Seow  (RCIA Coordinator)
Patricia Wee  (St Pio Group)
Margaret Lee  (Head of SSVP)
Arul Britto  (Tamil Ministry)