Faith Community (Youth)

“In Christ, we are hope for others through love and selfless service”

S“t. Anne’s Faith Community (SAFC) was founded in 2013 with the aim of retaining and encouraging post-confirmation youths to continue their faith journey with their graduating cohort.

In line with Archbishop William Goh’s 10 year evangelisation plan, SAFC was formed to create a safe space where post-confirmands could gather, pray, learn, bond and build their faith life, following the example of the early Christian communities.

Over the years, SAFC has been under the spiritual direction of various priests and adult mentors. It currently consists of 10 communities and counting.

They are Alpha XIII, Fidem XV, anCORa XVI, Ignis XVI, Veritas, Signum Amoris, L12s, L11s , L10s and Hosea (Young working adults).

After Confirmation, a new community for each specific batch is formed so that they can continue growing in discipleship together with their peers.

S“alvation is personal, but not private! We cannot carry on in this faith alone, we need companions on this pilgrimage of life. Even the Holy Trinity consists of 3 Persons; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus chose twelve apostles to accompany him on His earthly journey. They were a community, they prayed, ate, travelled and stayed together. That is the aim of SAFC.

W“e want to imitate Jesus and the early Christian communities. We want to provide a space to allow the Holy Spirit to touch the lives of young Catholics in our parish. We want more young people to come experience Jesus and receive a “love and peace that this world cannot give” so that they too will also share Jesus with others.

I“f you are restless and yearning for something more in life, a thirst that the world cannot satisfy, if you are looking for a community to journey towards heaven with, then hesitate no longer, Jesus is waiting for you!


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