St. Anne’s Youth (S.A.Y.) is the youth community of St. Anne’s Church, a Catholic Parish in Singapore. Under the umbrella of S.A.Y. are 5 youth ministries namely, St Anne’s L.I.F.E. Teens (S.A.L.T.), the Altar Servers, NewSong Music Ministry, St. Anthony’s Choir and the Youth Assistant Catechists (YACs) so far, with hopes or connecting more youths from the various ministries in the parish. S.A.Y. seeks to provide avenues where the youths of the parish can serve in. We encourage youths to take charge of their faith formation and journey in a community of Catholic youths through various ministries. The St. Anne’s Youth Council (S.A.Y.C.) represents the interests of the youth population of St. Anne’s Church (mainly between the ages of 13 to 20 years old) on parish, district and archdiocesan levels. It oversees all youth activities and programmes, and serves as a vital link between the ministries under the S.A.Y. umbrella. S.A.Y.C. seeks to assist youth ministries and ministries with youth members, encourage collaboration among the various ministries, and promote parish-level, district-level and archdiocesan-level church events.