He who sings,” said St. Augustine, “prays twice.” The holy Bishop of Hippo meant that singing adds to our praise and worship of God – that our voices are gifts with which we can make music to the Lord. Therefore, encouraging full, conscious and active participation, the 5 choirs of St Anne’s Church strive to lead the congregation into a fuller sense of worship of God at Holy Mass and other liturgical services.

Well-aware that music as part of the liturgy is meant to play a role in the sanctification of the faithful as they lift their voices in worship of God, the Choir Ministry works hard to ensure well-chosen musical selections, and a competent performance of the music chosen.
At St Anne’s Church, we are blessed and delighted that each of our 5 weekend Masses is helmed by committed singers and musicians who dedicate themselves to the task of weekly hymn-selection and choir practices, come rain or shine.
With an attitude of service to the congregation and not on performance per se, the 5 choirs welcome anyone with a similar mindset to serve in the music ministry.  No prior music experience is necessary as training to sing in a group setting is provided. There are also no age restrictions, and therefore, we warmly welcome both young, old and the not-so-old who have full desire to serve in any role and are open to learning.
We are proud to announce that some of the choir members have served for more than 20 years! And have seen their young members bloom into adults and even attended their weddings. We have also seen the choirs’ dedication in the last 2 years to adapt to the ever-changing Covid-19 pandemic restrictions to faithfully carry out their duties.
The choirs continue to welcome new members to serve into this ministry of expressing our love for God and His people in music and song. So do contact the Choir Ministry coordinator via email (sac.choir@catholic.org.sg) or approach any of the choir leaders after any of the weekend masses to register or express your interest!

SAnne’s Church has five choirs with each serving a different timing during the weekend mass. They are:

  • St Francis Choir (Saturday 4:30 pm Mass)
    Leader: Amelia Toh
  • St Teresa’s Choir (Sunday 7.30 am Mass)
    Contact: Evelyn Ghui
  • St Anthony’s Choir (Sunday 9:30 am Mass)
    Contact: Abel Pernito
  • Cantate Domino Choir (Sunday, 11:30am Mass) – Mary Loh
  • Via Christi Choir (Sunday, 4:30pm Mass) – Mary Leong