St. Anne’s Church has five choirs with each serving a different timing during the weekend mass. They are:

  • St Francis Choir (Saturday 6 pm Mass)
    Leader: Amelia Toh 96752464
  • St Teresa’s Choir (Sunday 7.30 am Mass)
    Contact: Alice Sim 91529664
  • St Anthony’s Choir (Sunday 9 am Mass)
    Contact: Desmond Yao 96928610
  • St Joachim’s Choir (Sunday 11 am Mass)
    Contact: Olivia 96714303
    Contact: Anne Chan 9627 3068
  • Via Christus Choir (Sunday 6 pm Mass)
    Contact: Alastair 9726 9468 /

The various choirs have members of all ages and come from all walks of life. It is common to see young children singing together with grandparents, or national servicemen singing with housewives. Most choir members are not professional entertainers or musicians, but they do their best to help serve in the choire ministry by dedicating their time and effort for weekly practices and more

 Choirs in St. Anne’s Church coexist with Love for each other and serve with humility and obedience to the Holy Church.  Resources and responsibilities are shared by all choirs with the guidance of the Spiritual Director, Parish Priest and the Liturgical Committee so that all can glorify God with Love.