Ministry to the Sick

We attend to the requests of parishioners that approach the Church to bring Holy Communion to catholics that are homebound within the zone perimeters of St Anne’s Church. Upon requests, we will also visit sick parishioners at the hospitals.

During each visit, members pray for the well being of these communicants, evangelize and bring Holy Communion to them. We will arrange for the priest to give them sacraments of reconciliation and annointing of the sick on a need basis and upon requests. We offer intercessory prayers for these communicants, their families, caregivers, doctors and nurses, etc…

We offer masses for their special intentions and for the souls of the communicants that have passed on. For the communicants that have passed on, we attend their wakes to pay our respects and to offer our condolences to their loved ones.

We conduct meetings once in 2 months to review our services, share updates on the communicants assigned under our care, and keep ourselves updated on Church events. Let us pray to receive the gifts to be multilingual, compassionate, prayerful and be commited to grow our faith.