St Anne’s Library – Emanuel

The Library is a new resource centre set up in March 2006. We are located at the canteen level. It contains a great variety of spiritual learning materials for the young and old. With over 1,400 books and 250 audio visuals, music cds and audio cds (as of Nov 2006), it is hoped that parishioners will make optimal use of these resources for spiritual enrichment.

We welcome donation of “New-Look” spiritual resources. Just hand them over to any Librarian or leave them with the Church Secretary.

We also constantly source for new items to be added to the collection. For 2006, the emphasis had been the purchase of children’s books and audio visuals. For 2007, focus will be on St Anne’s “family life” theme – acquiring resources on parenting, marriage, singles etc.

Library Opening Hours:

  • Saturday: 5.30 – 6 pm
  • Sunday: 8.30 am – 12.30 pm

Library Membership

Lifetime Membership at only $2. A total of 2 items (either books or audio visuals) may be borrowed for 2 weeks. Please apply with your IC or student pass at the Library.
Some of our recent Events

Recent News

Newly bought resources on parenting, marriage and singles were made available for loan from Nov 2006. Some of them received rave reviews from parents who read them.
“Share a Christmas gift” on Sunday 3rd Dec. Our 2006 Advent project invites parishioners to adopt a resource in the spirit of giving. As a recognition of the donor’ s generosity, we imprint the donor’s name on the donated resource. The adopted resources will be available for loan from 6 January 2007. Our St. Anne Feast Day booth on 29 July 2007 sold popcorns and hotdogs. It was warmly received. We thank the patronage of the parishioners.

Library Ministry

Librarians are involved in library functions such as visiting bookshops, searching for resources online, compiling of book lists, cataloging, shelving, resources review to assess suitability for addition to the library collection and serving members. We also monitor borrowing trends and maintain the physical condition of resources.
If you think you love to learn or spread the Word of God through the media , you are invited to join us in this meaningful service ministry. Computer Literacy is preferred.

Contact Information

For any queries or an interest to serve in the Library ministry, you may visit us at the Library or drop us an email at