Infant Baptism Ministry

Baptism Schedule 2023
Month Preparation Briefing Baptism Rite
February 10th February (Friday) @ 7:45 PM 12th February (Sunday)  @ 1:30 PM
April 28th Aprl (Friday) @ 7:45 PM 30th April (Sunday) @ 1:30 PM
June 9th June (Friday) @ 7:45 PM 11th June (Sunday)  @ 1:30 PM
August 11th August (Friday) @ 7:45 PM 13th August (Sunday)  @ 1:30 PM
October 6th October (Friday) @ 7:45 PM 8th October (Sunday)  @ 1:30 PM
December 8thh December (Friday) @ 7:45 PM 10th December (Sunday)  @ 1:30 PM

Baptism is one of the seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church. Baptism lays the foundation of every Christian life. Through Baptism, we are freed from sin and reborn as sons and daughters of God; we become members of Christ; are incorporated into the Church and share her mission.
In Baptism, your child becomes one with Christ. He/She becomes a Son/Daughter of the Father.


To register, kindly download the Application Form, complete the information and submit it back to the Parish Office at least 2 weeks before Baptism. Late submission will be considered for the next Baptism Service.

Infant Baptism Ministry comprises of Catholic parents who prepare parents and godparents for infant baptism by sharing their faith, responsibilities, lives, and experiences during the preparation session before the infants are baptized.

Baptism Rite

Infant Baptism in St Anne’s Church is held on the 2nd Sunday of every even month at 1.30pm in the Main Church Hall. **

Preparation Briefing

Compulsory Preparatory Class for all Parents and Godparents on the Friday before Baptism at 7.45pm in St Anne’s Hall (3rd Floor). **

** No limit on number of infants per Baptism session. 

Please Note

  • Please register early for Infant Baptism.
  • Registration forms are available outside the General Office or can be downloaded
  • All forms and documents required must be submitted to the Secretary 2 weeks before baptism.
  • Applications with incomplete forms or documents will not be accepted.
  • Attendance for preparatory session is compulsory for parents and godparents.