Grandma’s Kitchen

Greetings of Peace and Love! We, at Grandma’s Kitchen extend our warm welcome to all. We pray that all of you will enjoy as much as we do in serving our beloved church.


Building our faith in community

St. Paul says, “You form a building.” The foundation is the apostles and prophets, and the cornerstone is Jesus. Which part of the building are you? Perhaps you’re so deeply involved in ministry that you’re a pillar. Maybe you’re part of theroof, covering what others do. You could be a window, through which others look in and realize that they want to join the Church, or a window sill upon which people lean as they look for God. Maybe you’re a fireplace, warming others to the idea of having faith in God, or one of the bricks in the fireplace that keeps danger from spreading.

The only way to experience the support and love of community is to get involved in the part of the building where you best fit in.


Grandma’s Kitchen Motto:

One for all, All for One.  One Lord for all, all for One Lord

To serve the parish community with love and an open heart. Enhance brotherly and sisterly love amongst its members and fellow Catholics and a common goal focusing on God’s Love.
Ministry Members:

At this present moment, we have about 16 individual members and 14 couples serving in the ministry. Most if not all have been with the ministry for years.
The ministry members are rostered into 3 groups – A , B & C . Except for group C which will serve on the 3rdweek of the month, the other group A& B will serve on alternate Sundays.

During the long school holidays or at times, when there is no catechism classes, the canteen will be in operation on a much smaller scale. As such, 3 to 4 members will be rostered for duties during this time. The canteen will be closed on one or two Sundays during the school vacation period and public holidays.

We start at 6.30a.m. and end at about 12 noon.

We have a members’ contribution fund. It is $5 per month for single individual as well as for couple. It is collected on a bi yearly basis but it is optional if the choice to do it monthly. We utilize the fund for church events such as sponsoring a stall on our Feast Day and for Easter Fiesta as well as the welfare of members. We have a treasurer , Cecilia Lee who had been with the ministry for many years, to keep account of this fund and the members are kept informed through a monthly newsletter. It is not compulsory to join as member but it is best to be committed as one.

Besides, serving in the ministry, we also have an outreach programme to reach out to others. As for our members’ activities, we had in the past, bowling session, New Year dinner gathering and outing to the nearby island, etc.. There is a lot of interaction not just among members but also the parishioners.

Focusing on God’s love, great co operation and teamwork of members, it is wonderful to serve in Grandma’s Kitchen. It is always filled with a lot of laughter and fun as we are serving as one big family.

Last but not least, meditating on our Lord Jesus washing of the feet of his disciples, reminds us that like Him, we are here to serve and not to be served. And that we are to serve like Him with such great love and humility.

God Bless, With the Love of Christ,
Grandma Monica Tan