Family Life Ministry (FLM)

St Anne’s Family Life Ministry (FLM) was formed in 2009, with the mission of “building strong families based on gospel values through sharing and support”.

Blessed Pope John Paul II, in his papal encyclical FamiliarisConsortio, makes numerous references to the family as the “domestic Church”, and calls for unceasing holiness in the midst of the modern world. Through a combination of community-building and programmes, the ministry aims to help families in the parish with these formidable tasks.

Initiatives include activities aimed at family bonding and play, education, as well as religious talks. Since 2011, FLM has organized St Anne’s Church’s family camps, which have been warmly received, and resulted in bonds being strengthened within and between families.

FLM also executes an ongoing programme of mentoring couples who are about to be married in the parish – providing them with logistical help, guidance, as well as a listening ear.

For more information, please contact Sean Seneviratne at 98765173.