Couple Empowerment Programme (CEP)

Marriages today are threatened by forces that  militate against the well being of the institution of marriage and family lived according to Magisterial teachings. There has been a significant increase in divorces and many marriages end before the first 10 years. The sexual revolution has brought about the culture of death through promiscuity and infidelity, divorce, contraceptives and abortion.
In 2003, the Archdiocesan Senate of Priests had directed that the Couple Empowerment Programme (CEP) be developed under the auspices of the Family Life Society.  CEP seeks to establish a post marriage catechesis for young married couples on the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage and family, developing life skills and effective parenting and faith formation. These are conducted and directed at Parish communities to establish a parish formation and supportive infrastructure for all couples serious about enhancing marriage and family life.

CEP couples and their community are encouraged to embark on formation studies and training in Marriage and Family and in 2013, the Coordinators of CEP have completed a Masters in Marriage and Family from Maryvale Institute in Birmingham, UK.

In CEP, we dream of a world where married couples live a heroic love with Christ as their standard, and raise their children to become fine men and women. A world where husbands love and protect their wives and wives who through their sacrificial love are their husbands helpmate.

CEP is indeed the fruit of the Spirit and dedicated to the Queen of Apostles. We ask our Lady and dearest Mother for her intercession for all couples and families with whom we have been entrusted.
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