Altar Servers


Generally, we accept boys from nine years of age. There is no hard limit on the age range; our older servers continue to serve through National Service and some of them take on advisory roles in their adulthood. Fill up this form and email it to, or pass it to the parish office or any of our Altar Server leaders.

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About the Altar Servers

The Altar Server occupies a privileged place in the liturgical celebration. He who serves at Mass presents himself to a community. He experiences first hand that Jesus Christ is present and active in every liturgical act.” – St. Pope John Paul II

The Ministry of Altar Servers (MAS) at St. Anne’s Church aims to empower its members to serve the Lord actively and reverently at the Altar so as to guide the congregation including themselves to worship better during the liturgy. Aside from the Priests, the Altar Servers are in close proximity to the Body of Christ during Masses and services, and thus, get to experience a greater joy during the liturgical celebration.

Our responsibilities

As Altar Servers, we are required to serve weekend Mass and weekday Mass. We also serve at other services such as weddings, funerals and holy hour worship services, as well as other liturgical events when called upon. Being Altar Servers trains us to be familiar with the flow of various Masses and to understand more about Church traditions and practices.

What We Do

Prayers are recited before and after Mass to allow all Altar Servers to focus on serving God. We organise frequent training sessions for Altar Servers to be familiar with the procedures and to prepare for special Masses, allowing them to foster a greater sense of responsibility and discipline. Regular gatherings are also organised for Altar Servers to bond and grow spiritually together. During the gatherings, Altar Servers are also reminded of duties and rosters, and other major announcements and events. Throughout the year, we also organise games, activities and retreats to foster strong bonds of brotherhood in the ministry. By joining the Altar Servers, we hope that our boys can become exemplary men living out Catholic values.