Matthew 22:37-40 “‘ You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the greatest and first commandment. And a second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself.’ On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” “NCCs are where ordinary baptised Catholics respond to Christ’s command to love God and neighbour. Catholic families living in a certain area come together in an NCC as a social network of faith; they are a community of disciples that tries to bring about the Kingdom of God in that particular place.” by Archbishop Nicholas Chia (The Catholic News – May 8, 2011, Vol 61, No9)

The Neighbourhood Christian Community (NCC) is the foundation and a new way of being the universal Catholic Church. It is not a church organisation, ministry or interest group. It is a small group of Catholics coming together as a community, to live and share their faith with one another in many aspects of spiritual life through Prayer, Word, Witness, Fellowship and Mission. There are currently 11 NCC small groups in St Anne’s Church (SAC), and each group is organised independently by its small group leader. If you are a Catholic and live in the vicinity of Sengkang (see parish boundary map below) “you are automatically a member of it – even if you do not attend any of its meetings.” by Archbishop Nicholas Chia (The Catholic News – August 16, 2009, Vol 59, No17)

SAC NCC does not impose any physical boundary for each small group, so you could join one that works best for you. Each small group has its own passion and activities to share life and contemplating the Word of God together. The event or meeting is conducted at least twice a month, in order to nurture an effective community. You can only belong to one small group, so join one that inspires you to grow in faith with them regularly.

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If you wish to start your journey with any NCC small group, you may contact them via their email as shown in their descriptions below. Alternatively, you can also register via the NCC Inquirer Form:

Anchorvale NCC

There are a total of 22 members. The Bible sharing meeting is conducted on the last Saturday of the month with a typical size of 4 to 8 members.

Our passion is to grow in faith and love for God through communion with our neighbours. This we do by sharing our faith through prayer and fellowship. Our activities include Bible sharing, prayers, helping out in church events, outings, makan sessions, etc.

Leader: Francis Sim

Anchorvale2 NCC

There are a total of 16 families of middle aged to the elderly. The meeting is conducted monthly with a typical size of 10 to 12 members.

Our passion is to build strong Catholic community through neighbourly love through spiritual and physical support. Showing to others not just talk but through actions.

Our activities include major festival gatherings, Rosary sessions (sometimes in Teochew), door to door interactions and potluck fellowship. What we also want to include are fortnightly visits to the elderly members who lives alone for chit chats and companionship.

Leader: Daniel Tan

Buangkok NCC

Welcome to our Buangkok NCC group, a diverse and welcoming community of Catholic believers of all ages, united by our love for Jesus and a commitment to sharing our faith.

Our gatherings are a blend of joy, friendship, and spiritual exploration, where every individual is valued and encouraged on their faith journey. We aim to live out the Gospel in our daily lives and warmly invite anyone seeking a closer relationship with Jesus or curious about the Catholic faith to join us. Together, we aspire to be a beacon of Christ’s love, offering a space of warmth and acceptance for all.

Leader: Michael Lewis

Compass1 NCC

A reformed small group with a passion to create opportunities for all who are willing to enter into a process of spiritual maturation. Supporting one another to develop a personal relationship with God, and strive to be a better group of faithful stewards for Christ by using our time, talent and treasure to serve His kingdom.

Our main activity is weekly Bible sharing through small group conversation and guided reflection. We are also passionate in small group financial discipleship programme “Navigating Your Finances God’s Way” to help others to achieve true financial freedom through practising the essential biblical principles consistently.

Our session is conducted via Zoom every Friday @ 8:30pm. Members are encouraged to join our fellowship through walk/run (every Saturday & Sunday @ 8:30am), as well as monthly potluck dinner.

Leader: Belmont Chia

Compass2 NCC

Our passion is to build family with strong faith together in Christ. With our small group member we are able to learn more focus from each other from our life journey experiences; to strengthen our faith in family life, child life, work life, and in many other situations based on God’s words. Everyone has unique life experience.

Meeting is conducted fortnightly on Friday night. Our activities include bible sharing, rosary prayer, faith formation, fellowship, movie screening, and outdoors activities. We invite any Catholic to join our small group community to grow in faith together in Christ.

Leader: Hadi Barko

Compass3 NCC

Our love for God is the cornerstone of our faith, and it is this love that inspires us to extend our compassion and kindness to our neighbours. We foster a network of faith that supports and encourages one another. As a community of disciples, we are committed to living out the teachings of Jesus in our daily lives, supporting each other in our spiritual journeys. Together, we strive to contribute to the Kingdom of God, inviting others to join us on this journey of faith, love, and service.

We conduct bible sharing sessions via zoom every Friday at 8.30pm. We also have a monthly fellowship with potluck dinner every second Saturday of the month.

We invite you to join our small group and together, let us grow in faith, love, and service to God and our neighbours.

Leader: Gordon Chitran

Compass8 NCC

We are passionate about growing with one another in unity and truth, by loving and accepting all people as they are. We believe in providing one another with the space to share the good as well as the challenges, so that all of us can grow as a community.

We worship together by prayer, study of God’s word, and we walk together, step by step, because the LORD wills that no one be left alone, behind or forgotten. We build one another up with care, and celebrate every blessing with thanksgiving.

“So that the person who serves God may be fully qualified and equipped to do every kind of good deed.” (2 Timothy 3:17 NASB)

Leader: Thomas Heng

Compass12 NCC

Like the 12 apostles, we in Compass12 NCC strive to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. We start that by welcoming everyone to our community: young and old, single and married, new and experienced Catholics, regardless of race or nationality. As long as you believe in Jesus Christ, we want you to join us.

Our passion is to build a community that is full of love for God and love for our neighbours, supporting each other in faith journey through regular reading of scripture, personal sharing, witnessing for Christ, and fellowship as we practise to be faithful stewards of God.

We conduct online bible sharing sessions every Friday at 8:30pm. We also get together once a month with potluck fellowship in one of our homes.

Leader: Ricky Matias

Compassvale NCC

We are a small community of singles and married, from working adults to retirees. Our passion is to build a committed community who strive to grow in faith through prayers and deeds and praying for those who request for our prayers.

We meet up twice a month (Sunday morning) to break the Word of God through online bible sharing and intercessory prayers (Google meet) as well as face to face fellowship sessions.

We welcome those who would like to walk in this journey of faith with our community.

Leader: Susana Lihan

Ranggung NCC

We are a small group made up of both singles and families. Our passion is to create an environment where members feel a sense of belonging, enabling them to deepen their relationship with God and each other. We aim to foster a supportive community that encourages everyone to be witnesses of Christ’s love, helping others encounter Jesus and grow as disciples.

We meet every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month. Our activities include bible sharing, faith formation, fellowship, and outdoors activities.

Leader: Jose Junarto

Sengkang NCC

In our community, we have members from all walks of life and ages. We come together because of our common desire to grow in our relationship with God. As we journey with each other on our daily walk with Jesus, we also build friendships that bring us much-needed joy and encouragement through life’s ups and downs.

What can you expect if you join us? We enjoy a variety of activities, exploring different ways that help us grow in our faith journey. Come and get to know God’s word on a deeper level through Bible-sharing sessions on Zoom. We also have fellowship over good food and good conversation and enjoy faith-based movies/musicals together. And of course, we pray together and for each other.

No matter where you are in your faith journey, we have a place for you in our community. We warmly invite you to be part of our family as we grow together in faith and friendship!

Leader: David Woon

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