Art Ministry

The Art Ministry was started by Fr. Richards Armbrose in 2002 when he was our parish priest. He started this ministry to bring the beauty of God’s message to the parishioners through visual communication.

The ministry began with lots of encouragement and a handful of parishioners, each with their own gifts that came together to create art works to communicate the message, signs and symbols of the liturgical calendar. Over the years, the members have put in many long hours with some works spanning days and weeks to ensure that the message from the art pieces are brought across to the parishioners.

Today, with the aid of modern technology, the messages from the art pieces are brought across with greater ease. Thank God… but that does not mean we can sit on our laurels and let technology do the work for us. With God’s grace, we are still keeping ourselves busy with decorations to the church to create the ambience for occasions like Christmas, Easter and St, Anne’s Feast Day.

We give thanks and glory to God for the gifts He has bestowed on each of us, for sending willing hands to help in times of need, and for keeping us safe. We ask for His continued guidance, inspiration and blessings on our ministry.